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Vintage Costume Jewelry, Vintage Purses and Accessories are an excellent way to bring a finishing touch to your wardrobe ensemble for Special Occasion, Professional attire, casual or eclectic look.  Ooh La La Collectibles offers to you our stunning collection of unique Vintage and Antique Jewelry, Vintage Purses and Accessories by known artisans and designers. Some of our offerings even come in the original boxes and make for a great gift item. We offer a wide selection of designs that will appeal to your own particular style.  Check back often to discover the latest treasures of unique one-of-a-kind pieces that will give the extra pop to complete your own  Ooh la la look!

Shop for more fabulous treasure finds in our collections of:

treasure chest of vintage brooches & pins
treasure chest of vintage necklaces
treasure chest of vintage bracelts
treasure chest of vintage rings and jewelry
Treasure chest vintage purses and accessories

Mob Wife Style Collection

Ooh la la Jewelry Lot Jars!

Discover the magic of Ooh La La Collectibles Jewelry Lot Jars! Each jar is a surprise collection of hand-selected jewelry, carefully curated with no broken or mismatched pieces. Whether you're looking for statement pieces or everyday accessories, we have something for everyone. Our jars come in a range of sizes so that you can select the perfect one for you. Treat yourself to an Ooh La La surprise!

Unique As You Are

You have your own style and love to create a unique flair. Jewelry and accessories can finish the look you want to create. Vintage jewelry can be just the right touch to add elegance, glamour or quirky eclectic look. Whether you have a special occasion or special inspiration, you're sure to find a piece that is as unique as you are.

The Ooh la la Collections

At Ooh la la Collectibles we continually add to our collections of vintage, retro and designer jewelry. Check back often to see the latest in unique and one-of-a-kind pieces made of high quality materials and attention to detail and design. Whether your style is a classic vintage, retro or shabby chic- for every look...Ooh la la!

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The Ooh La La Inspiration

In a world of fast fashion and trendy looks, many are looking outside the box for a unique expression of their own individual style. Vintage Jewelry and Accessories can be just the right addition to your ensemble with one-of-a-kind statement piece. Ooh la la Collectibles hopes to inspire you with our collection of Vintage, Antique, Retro and Costume Jewelry and Accessories along with tips and ideas of how you might stylize these pieces enabling you create your own unique fashion statement.  Be inspired and create a look that will have them saying:         

"Ooh la la!" 

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The Ooh La La Promise

All of our jewelry and accessories are inspected to ensure that there are no dramatic flaws. Because the items are vintage or antique, there can be an amount of wear that we refer to as "worn with love" appearance. For the majority of the pieces offered, they are sold in "used" condition. Items that are brand new in the box will be noted as such and can make for a great gift!  All silver, gold or designer pieces are marked for their authenticity. When an item is noted in description as 925 it is reference to the silver content as 92.5% SilverAntique Silver jewelry is usually marked as Sterling or 830s. A gold marking with KGE indicates that the item is Gold Electroplated, GP Gold Plated and GF Gold Filled. We will not represent jewelry that is described as gold, silver or designer piece unless they are properly marked as such.

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The Ooh La La Experience

We endeavor to make your shopping and browsing experience as delightful, interesting and inspiring as possible. We welcome any feedback that will help us to engage with you in a way that has you feeling satisfied with your shopping experience and creates excitement to visit us again to see what's been added to our collections. We post and feature selections on our social media sites and we welcome you to follow us on Tiktok and Instagram! Our links are listed below.

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