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From Royal Regalia to Vintage Glam: How to Look Like a Modern Queen

Updated: Apr 7

Queen throwing pages of history
Pages of History on Royal Queens

A History of Dazzling Queens

If there's one thing that history has taught us, it's that queens and royalty have always known how to make a statement. And what better way to do that than with stunning jewelry? Welcome to a journey through time, where we'll explore the history of royalty and queens and their dazzling jewelry collections. We'll even dive into the captivating world of Queens of Royalty, while showing you how to achieve that regal look with vintage pieces from Ooh la la Collectibles.

Royal Bling Through the Ages

Cleopatra sitting in glamourus regal style
Glam Cleopatra

Queens, empresses, and monarchs from around the world have been adorning themselves with eye-catching jewelry for centuries. It's no wonder that royal jewels have a long and fascinating history, often passed down through generations. From the stunning crowns of Europe to the intricate pieces of Asia, every culture had its unique take on regal jewelry.

Let's not forget the iconic Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, who was known for her mesmerizing beauty and opulent style. She bedecked herself with intricate gold necklaces and cuffs, and her legendary collection of jewels was unparalleled in its time.

Queen from midevil times with bedazzled crown
Midevil Majestic Queen in Cross Tiarra

Medieval Majesty

The Middle Ages brought us a whole new level of bling. Queens in medieval Europe favored tiaras adorned with precious gemstones and pearls. They also flaunted massive, ornate crosses and pendants that showcased their devoutness.

One of the most famous pieces from this era is the Crown Jewels of England, with its dazzling diamonds and priceless gemstones. Even today, the British monarchy continues to use these jewels for royal ceremonies and coronations.

Glamourus Queen Victoia in royal regalia sitting
Portrait of Young Queen Victoria

The Glamorous Georgian and Victorian Eras

The Georgian and Victorian eras marked a shift towards more intricate and ornate jewelry. Queens like Queen Victoria set the trend by wearing elaborate brooches, necklaces, and earrings made from materials such as jet, pearls, and coral.

In these times, sentimentality was a driving factor in jewelry design, with pieces often carrying hidden messages or incorporating the hair of loved ones. It was an era of sentiment and elegance, and these trends continue to influence jewelry design today.

Ice Queen in the snow with shimmering crown
Ice Queen in Dazzling Ethereal Crown

Nordic and Ice Queens: A Chilling Elegance

Now, let's venture into the world of Nordic and Ice Queens. With their ethereal beauty and frosty allure, these queens are known for their icy grandeur. Imagine glistening crowns studded with sapphires, aquamarines, and diamonds that mimic the shimmering ice of their domains. Nordic queens bring a whole new level of regal charm to the world of royalty.

woman sitting in queens regalia
Modern Queen in Vintage style

A Modern Take on Regal Elegance

Today, you can capture the essence of royalty as a modern queen by incorporating vintage glam jewelry into your style. Ooh la la Collectibles has a stunning array of vintage pieces that can make you feel like a queen, whether you seek to channel the warmth of Cleopatra or the chill of a Nordic queen.

Imagine adorning a sparkling rhinestone necklaces reminiscent of those worn by European queens or something befitting an Ice Queen's realm. Vintage pieces not only bring a touch of history to your wardrobe but also allow you to showcase your individuality and elegance.

How to Look Like a Queen with Ooh la la Collectibles

Layer elegant pearl necklaces and bracelets with gemstone ring accents to create a look that captures the frosty allure of an Ice Queen or elegance of a Georgian Queen.

Accentuate your style with vintage brooches that tell a story and add a personal touch to your outfit, be it in icy blues or warm gold tones or bedazzling rhinestones.

Don't forget the power of statement earrings; they can transform any outfit into a royal ensemble, whether you prefer the warmth of gold or the coolness of silver.

By mixing and matching these vintage pieces, you can capture the essence of queens from various eras and even embody the enigmatic charm of Nordic and Ice Queens or the Ragality of Victorian charm. With the large assortment of jewelry and accessories at Ooh la la Collectibles, you have all the tools you need to let your inner queen shine in whatever regal style you desire.

History has shown us that queens and royalty have always possessed a flair for the dramatic, especially when it comes to their jewelry. From Cleopatra to Nordic and Ice Queens, the world of royal adornments is as diverse and enchanting as the queens themselves. So, why wait? Embrace the allure of royal jewelry, and let your inner queen shine with vintage glamour from Ooh la la Collectibles! Shop today!


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